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What is Nembutal

What is Nembutal Barbiturate?

What is Nembutal Barbiturate?

Nembutal Barbiturate is a death-assistance for use by for those who decide to end their lives and to control their own destiny. This drug usually comes in doses for 5 uses, 20 grams  or 200mg/ml, and 50ml of distilled water. Regardless of misuse, this drug is a sedative, hypnotic and anesthetic drug. Since the early 1970s, it is in use as an assist in suicides or executions. Eventually such practice are no longer in practice. 

It is available in pharmacies as powder, oral solution, pills and injectable liquid.  Sold mostly upon prescription, Nembutal is one of the drugs that reshape the mind of the society towards making huge decisions on ones self. All its products and more details on them can be found on


Nembutal is a barbiturate, developed in the late 1940s by American biochemist and psychiatrist Atsuo Yoshimura. Originally, it has sedative and hypnotic properties, which serves as a premedication for general anesthesia. It is to some extent also available in veterinary medicine as an opioid receptor antagonist. The vastness of this product origin is a discourse for critical analysis. Read more.

How to Buy Nembutal Barbiturate

Could be bought from over counter pharmacies upon presentation of prescription. Furthermore, you can discretely buy it and get home delivery from a few reliable websites. Based on location and specific quantities, a few complications might arise in the delivery. However if the company is reliable and professional, this wont be a problem. We recommend Euthanasia group for any such services.

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