The following are the Euthanasia group Terms and Conditions for purchase of our Anesthetics and Euthanasia Drugs. Read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy, which governs your purchase and use of the products and services of Euthanasia group. They both constitute a legally binding agreement between you (“the Customer “, “The” User “or” the Caregiver “) and, a fully licensed pharmacy.

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Terms and Conditions For Euthanasia Drugs Purchase on Euthanasia Group

1. Buying all Barbiturate products on our website is strictly follows our experts dosage. Also a certified Doctor can prescribe Euthanasia or anesthetics.

2. After delivery, the use of Euthanasia Drugs are 100% responsibility of the purchaser. For this reason why always require a prescription before sales. If none is available other measures are taken into consideration. 

3. Euthanasia Drugs are Euthanasia and Anesthetic purposes only. There are medications for humans and animals and varying doses. Knowing the rightful doses before administering Nembutal and other Barbiturates is important. Every situation requires a specific form and state of the product and the exact dose. Barbiturates are Lethal. 

4. Barbiturates are not legal in most countries in the world. Thus shipping might be a complex procedure to such nations. However, Euthanasiagroup has taken full responsibility of covering any measures for delivering the product to be properly. In the case of any complications, we take responsibility of the situations in cases where there is a Prescription. Otherwise, the burden is a responsibility of both the company and the client. 

5. Usually our products are bought by a client with intent of use by another. Please be clear during you request to indicate the user of the product. 

6. Using our Medical assistance comes at a cost. However we strongly advice the use of our personnel in administering the Euthanasia Drugs. This is so that the experience is a smooth one for every party involved.

8. Obviously confidentiality is our priority. By medical norms and more, we take account of protecting every information our client gives us. In the case of any Law suit, information is discretely given to the appropriate parties duly.  We guarantee 100% client information discretion. 

7. We have a Return Policy in case of order Cancellation that goes a long way to cover the client and our Online Store for Barbiturate and other products. 

Continuation with the process of Buying Nembutal / Buying Barbiturates on our site means your in agreement of our terms. Euthanasia Drugs