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What is Picrotoxinum (Picrotoxin)

Picrotoxin a poisonous bitter Crystalline stimulant and convulsive substance C30H34O13.  The drug Picrotoxinum comes from the berry of a southeast Asian vine (Anamirta Cocculus). This medication serves intravenously as an antidote for Barbiturate poisoning. Also Known as cocculin, it often serves as a research tool for Antidote experts. Picrotoxin  serves  as a stimulant for the Central Nervous System (CNS) and an Antidote in poisoning by CNS Depressants, especially Barbiturates.

Since Picrotoxin was first introduced for the therapy of acute Barbiturate poisoning by Arnett in 1933, there has been numerous reports of Dramatic and life-saving results from its use. Further more, Picrotoxinum is has no match for its long-sustaining stimulation effects. Basically by acting on the medulla, and brain-stem, it improves Respiration and Circulation. It also hastens the return of swallowing and cough reflexes. Thus inducing restlessness and movement which prevent dangerous circulatory stasis. However Metrazol though rarely is  transitory in its action than Picrotoxinum. Because of this, it seems it is more effective on higher Cerebral centers.


Obviously, the dose and route of Administration of the drug depends upon the urgency of the case. In seriously cases such as in coma, the drug is given intravenously by one of two methods.

Firstly; a continuous infusion at the rate of 1 or 2 mg./min, until the corneal and swallowing reflexes appear or until very slight twitching of the facial muscles or extremities occur. Then Intramuscular doses of 3 to 6 mg. every 15 to 30 minutes depending on the course of recovery and response.

Secondly, fractional method by which 6 to 12 rag. (2 to 4 ml. of 0.3 per cent solution), are given intravenously every 10 to 20 minutes.


However, There exist some serious dangers when working with Picrotoxin. Because it has a long latent time of action, an injection of Picrotoxin should not be repeated until the previous dose has manifested its full effect. This requires ten to twenty minutes or longer. Furthermore complications with Picrotoxinum can arise from the specialist not waiting the full duration. (which unfortunately is so often the case). In effect, convulsions are most likely to ensue. T

his leads to Secondary Depression of a another type and from the subsequent barbiturate which is already in the system to control the convulsions. Thus a vicious circle is begun. The administration of these potent analeptic drugs and Anti Emetics necessitates adequate care and dose observation of the patient. It also requires a proper judgment when selecting the doses and intervals between them.


Generally, like any other Medication, Picrotoxin requires prescription. Only a professional is in charge of handling and Administering the drug. However few online pharmacies have the license to sell the product. One of such online stores is Euthanasia Group. If possible, one on one meet to ensure safety  and proper Consultation and Cautioning before exchange of funds and the drugs. This gives the Pharmacist a proper Consultation and Caution  Capability. Picrotoxin is available in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles with 0.1 mg Concentration and 0.3 mg Concentration respectively.

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  1. Josh Terrence

    It actually helped alot. OD with this cus I wanted to sleep and I’m glad I had this as backup at home. Thank you euthanasiagroup.net.

    • euthanasia group

      We are honored to help out anytime. Nothing but the best. Your life your choice. Choose Euthanasia.

  2. Harryharry

    Necessary for anyone taking Nembutal for sleeping purposes. Could really save a life.

    • euthanasia group

      Having an antidote by the side is safe. Only at Euthanasiagroup.net

  3. Julie Stern

    Does this work for products other than Barbiturates?
    Julie From Norway

    • euthanasia group

      Julie please write to us directly on our email. Please be clear about your question. Thank you

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