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Cyanide Origin

If you are familiar with chemicals and drugs relating to soldiers, the world wars and quick suicide, you probably must have come across cyanide. In fact, if you have ever taken the time to follow any documentary about World War II, you may know that soldiers committed suicide or executed others using cyanide. The most famous of these soldiers are the Nazis and the Black Hand, and some of the renowned figures include Hermann Goring.

Cyanide is a highly toxic inorganic salt that people use instead of the better-known sodium cyanide. Its chemical formula is KCN.

What is cyanide potash?

A highly toxic product that works by releasing hydrogen cyanide that is highly toxic and limits your body’s ability to consume and use oxygen. Exposure to cyanide can be deadly. It affects the entire systems of the body, especially organs sensitive to low concentrations of oxygen. Theses systems are the cardiovascular system (blood vessels and heart), the central nervous system, especially the brain, and the respiratory system (lungs). Commercial purposes in which cyanide is used: fumigation, extracting silver and gold from ores and electroplating. The hydrogen cyanide gas has a particular bitter almond smell. However, most cannot perceive it, so it does not give enough warning, making it more harmful.

Available doses of cyanide

Generally, cyanide is sold in the form of tablets, capsules or powders. If you order from us, the doses available are a 10 mg oral tablet or cyanide powder.

Use of KCN

If you have heard about cyanide before, suicide is one of the first things you will think of. This is because it has become one of the most common ways to commit suicide slowly and painfully. Ingesting large amounts of KCN has a life-threatening effect from which you can die. The consumption of KCN in large quantities produces a lethal effect sufficient enough to kill you.

Potassium is an important element in the mining of gold and other precious metals. However, its main use is in the organic synthesis and preparation of a number of useful plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Other uses include fumigation, photo-development, in electroplating and as an insecticide. Buy cyanide powder.

How does cyanide work?

It affects your respiratory system, causing respiratory problems. Once it gets into your body, KCN forms a permanent bond with the cytochrome c oxidase, which is an electron acceptor and blocks the cells electron transport. As a result, your cells cannot absorb the oxygen in the blood, which means they also cannot produce the energy your body needs. Some side effects with small to moderate doses of cyanide are dizziness, headaches and difficulty breathing. Victims who come in contact with high doses are likely to go into an immediate coma. After the coma, convulsions may occur, followed by death. One way to counteract the effects of cyanide is to use a large amount of glucose. Glucose quickly binds to the cyanide and decomposes it. However, there is no guarantee that glucose will completely neutralize the effects of cyanide, but it can reduce the effects.

What are the symptoms of KCN poisoning/overdose?

If you have flushed or rosy cheeks, dilated or red eyes, and notice a bluish color in your skin, there is a chance you are dealing with KCN poisoning.

What are the side effects of this drug?

As earlier mentioned, cyanide, like sodium cyanide, is highly toxic. If you ingest KCN, it is a fast-acting poison, even in lower doses. Exposing yourself to solid KCN is also very harmful as it gives off HCN gas, which is toxic when inhaled. When your skin is exposed to KCN, you will experience burning, tissue damage, pain and irritation. In addition, if KCN is absorbed through the skin, it can be toxic throughout the body.

If you expose your eyes to KCN, you will get pain, redness, severe burns and tissue damage in the eye.

If you swallow KCN, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea and damage or irritation to the stomach lining follows.

Inhaling KCN also has side effects. Mild to moderate side effects include anxiety, confusion, weakness, headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness, palpitations, shortness of breath, respiratory irritation, impaired drinking, vomiting and nausea. Serious side effects include strokes, coma, dilated pupils, arrhythmia, shock, very low blood pressure, cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, pulmonary enema, dilated pupils, temporary blindness, cessation of breathing and fluid in the lungs.

Finally, your central nervous system is most susceptible to cyanide overdose or poisoning. The cardiovascular system is less sensitive and needs higher doses of cyanide to develop the same symptoms as the central nervous system. With severe poisoning, your skin will be clammy, cold and diaphoretic. Buy cyanide powder.

Where can you buy cyanide?

You can find potassium cyanide at home at affordable prices and in all forms, especially the fragile tablets. However, users should be extremely careful when buying KCN online. Since this is a highly sought after product, some fraudulent resellers are ready to take advantage of naive buyers by selling without showing a picture of the product and at very low prices. Always make sure you are buying from a legitimate buyer. One way to check is to read comments left by satisfied buyers or not at the bottom of each product. You judge for yourself the% positive comments and you decide to order or not and you buy with a conviction of satisfaction.

Why buy from us

We reliably deliver our products to your address without leaving a trace. High quality and affordable KCN is available to you at all times. We sell only high-quality, reliable cyanide that you won’t find anywhere else on the KCN market. Buying from is being one step ahead of others. Your satisfaction is our major concern, which is why we offer friendly and prompt services to ensure your satisfaction. Whether you are a regular customer or a new customer, we will always make sure that our prices are reasonable, the quality of our products and the service provided are always the best. We offer quality potassium cyanide that will make you happy! Buy cyanide powder.

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