You are currently viewing Painless Suicide (The how, where and when Part 1)

Painless Suicide (The how, where and when Part 1)

Painless Suicide (The how, where and when Part 1)

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for the active population globally. This is between ages 10 and 24. Painless suicide is usually the most searched means to end life personally. However, what is suicide or painless suicide? This and more a few questions we will answer in this text. Every country has a NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE that anyone can call if they are feeling suicidal.

Suicide is the process of intentionally ending one’s own life by any means suitable. Usually, it starts mentally before developing to a physical procedure that is executed with ease. Normally it affects every race, religion and socioeconomic background.

Painless Suicide

The Objective of suicide most times is to ease the individual from some sort of pain. However Painless suicide is just a neutral description of the easiest and quickest way of euthanasia without any form of added stress or discomfort. Painless suicide globally has been attributed to use of Barbiturates, Gunshots to the head and extremely high falls. The most effective and vastly classified painless method is the use of Pentobarbital (Nembutal). Pentobarbital is a barbiturate that serves as an anaesthetic medication for surgery.

However, a slight overdose leads to a permanent eternal sleep. The most common form of Pentobarbital is Nembutal and it exist in the form of Pill, Injections, Oral liquid solution, and powder and should be handled carefully by experts.

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The images of the products shown above are just an illustration of what you might be expected to see when in the market for these drugs. Every year, there is a slight change in a detail of the Pentobarbital product. However, the focus is on the dose.

While scientist cannot fully prove that there is a painless suicide method because no one Who ever committed suicide ever returned from the suicide act to tell if the method they used was the best or was painless as said.  The timing from the moment of action and ease of the procedure has led to assumptions and conclusions on which method works best.

Common Suicide Methods

Several means of suicide exist. The most common being;

  • Hanging causes a great pain and sometimes breakage in the spine at the neck region. And might not even be instantaneous
  • Headshots by a gun or any other equipment might also be tragic and cause a delay.
  • People have been known to survive painful falls from extreme heights. However, it is also an effective method.
  • Commonly growing now is the use of hitmen to surprisingly end the life of the victim by whatever means the assassin deems fit. This is super illegal and extremely risky.
  • Excess Inhalation of Carbon dioxide or Carbon monoxide to intoxicate the system making the victim dizzy before eventual death.
  • Common in victims who cannot swim. They dive at unreachable areas of seas, lakes, rivers and sometimes even the ocean. It is not even an inch close to painless as the victim suffers the pain of water filled lungs before suffocation and eventual death.
  • Jumping in front of a fast-moving automobile or train.


Table of Percentage Distribution of Suicide methods.

Method of Suicide Percentage
Hanging 30
Gunshot (Head Shot) 18
Pentobarbital (Euthanasia Pills) 17
Hired Hitman 12
Carbon Dioxide 8
Drowning 7
Automobile 4
Others 4


Legally Requesting Painless Suicide

Legally, painless suicide is also called euthanasia and is done in a lot of countries worldwide. However, this procedure is done only to special cases of patients either declared brain dead, in absolutely unfixable pain, critically unreversible situations and more. These countries include; Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech, Belgium, Luxembourg, Colombia, New Zealand, Australia and Ecuador. However, there is a huge potential for illegal sales globally. However, fraudsters and in the business too. They have derived several means to take advantage of the desperation of individuals.

The Use of Sodium Pentobarbital for Suicide

Sodium pentobarbital is a fast-acting barbiturate and thus the most attributed medication to painless suicide. It actually just eases the patient from their pain in under 30 seconds and puts them to sleep in less than 2 minutes. The overdose of the drug is what maintains the patient in this constant state of sleep or death. Once upon a time, a celebrity by name Micheal Jackson Died allegedly from the use of overdose of pentobarbital. Most People use the drug for sleep and pain relief purposes. Sodium Pentobarbital has existed for over decades and will keep existing. Just like any drug it will obviously be misused.


Conclusion on Painless suicide

In a nutshell, the ability or power for any human to end their lives is almost a privilege everyone seeks. The most reliable method that has been affiliated to being painless over time has been with the use of Barbiturates which attack the Central Nervous System (CNS) and puts the body in a state of painlessness and ease to rest. The right dose of Barbiturates in this case Pentobarbital further shuts down all body organs while the body is at sleep hence making the sleep endless and thus a peaceful exit.

There is no Pentobarbital marketplace where you can buy Pentobarbital without prescription, however on websites with credibility such as, the possibility of buying Sodium Pentobarbital is very possible and easy. Be sure to read on the doses, the effects and the precautions on the drugs before making purchases.

From the images above and the links below, you can order Barbiturates Online easily and hence the quickest and easiest means to order Pentobarbital for painless suicide.


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