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Euthanasia for Pets

Nembutal For Pets: A Humane Option. (Animal Euthanasia)

Nembutal For Pets: A Necessary, Humane Option

People love their pets, and many will do anything to ease the suffering of an ailing animal. When faced with the difficult decision of putting their pet to sleep, some people will opt for illegal and potentially dangerous methods such as cocktails made from alcohol and general anesthetics. Nembutal however is the top ranking option to relieve the pet of the stress.

A study by Euthanasia group found that in places like the UK and Australia, where regulations on euthanasia are strict, home euthanasia is not uncommon. However there are risk factors when one takes such responsibilities into their hands. In fact, it is estimated that at least 100 pets die from incorrectly administered home euthanasia every year. These statistics show that the need for safe and humane options for pets when they are suffering remains very real.

What is Nembutal?

Nembutal is a sedative drug that serves in the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders. However, some veterinarians have reported that Nembutal for pets is useful in dealing with many conditions relating to behavioral health, including anxiety.

Why is it a good option for pets?

The active ingredient in Nembutal is pentobarbital, a barbiturate with anti seizure properties. The use of Nembutal is strictly under the direction of your veterinarian or a trained professional.


How to safely administer Nembutal to your pet?

Nembutal medication comes in 1,5mg tablets and is easy to give to your pet; No needle or syringe needed.

There is also the Injectable form of the barbiturate drug. This injection in the right dose serves as a peaceful tranquilizer and/or exit solution for your pet.

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Nembutal is so easy to administer that the pet owner can do it at the comfort of their home. The tablet is administered orally in mixture of food. Similarly the injection procedure is easy with the only requirement being steady hands and appropriate control of the pet.

Having a proper and experienced medical personnel following the euthanasia procedure on any pet is essential. This individual acts as a companion for both the animal and its owner (owners).


Nembutal (Pentobarbital) is an ultra-short acting barbiturate for use in animals. There are no known untoward reactions with other medications, and it is particularly useful for induction of anesthesia or euthanasia.

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